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David MichelangeloThe museum, founded in the 18th  century by Grand Duke Peter Leopold as a collection of paintings, was chosen in 1873 to house Michelangelo’s David, moved from its original location on the Signoria square.

The  famous statue shows the genius of young Michelangelo and was a symbol of the free Florentine republic of the beginning of the Cinquecento: today it dominates the room  expressly created by the architect Emilio de Fabris. Later more statues by Michelangelo have been displayed in the same room, transforming in this way the Gallery into a Michelangelo museum: the four unfinished Prisoners, destined to the tomb of  Pope Julius II, and never sent to Rome, the unfinished Saint Matthew and the Pietà of Palestrina, attributed to mature Michelangelo.


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