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Partial reimbursement due to cancellations or booking variations will be received within 30 days upon confirmation of by Italy Travels to the client who has requested, in written form, the cancellation. Bank fees are issued to the client. Credit card payments will be refunded directly back to the client's credit card. If payment was sent by bank transfer, Italy Travels will provide refund through bank transfer. It will be client responsability to provide precise bank account details to Italy Travels, in written form. Bank fees (for Italian or foreign bank transfers) are issued to the client and will be taken from the reimbursement amount.

In all cases, cancellations must be requested in written form by email or fax in order to receive a partial refund (according to the below cancellation policy). The date of the cancellation request is the day when the request is received by Italy Travels in written form. For this reason, valid cancellation requests will not be accepted by phone unless accompanied by a written document.

The cancellation policy varies depending on the type of the requested service.

In case of cancellation of tickets or tours, we kindly request contacting our offices by email: info@ticketsflorence.com.

READ MORE - Cancellation policy varies depending on the type of the requested service.

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Vasari Corridor Tour

The Vasari Corridor in Florence is a must-see museum for those who want to have an extraordinary experience visiting Florence.
The Vasari Corridor is an hidden, indoor path built by Vasari in 1565 which connects Palazzo Vecchio with the Uffizi Palace and Palazzo Pitti. Visitors can have access to the Vasari Corridor booking a Vasari Corridor special guided tour as to enter the Vasari Corridor visitors must be accompanied by a licensed guide.


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