October, 2013

Tour the Colosseum, Third Tier, Hypogeum and Porte Libitinaria

Join us on a  spectacular tour of the ancient and popular sites in Rome, the Colloseum. Also known as Flavian Amphitheatre, the colleseum is the single most significant and intact monument of the Roman Empire. Built from concrete and stone, the Colleseum has maintained its glory and age has merely made the structure more marevelous. […]

Impressionist Exhibit at Palazzo Pitti in Florence

This autumn, you don’t have to make the trip to Paris to see a true Impressionist painting. From the 24th of September to the 5th of January 2014, the Royal Palace of Pitti in Florence will host 12 masterpieces of the Impressionist period. The event comes as the result of a collaboration and cultural exchange […]

Siena Cathedral and its magnificent Floor!

Until the 27th of October, this Romanesque-Gothic cathedral will unveil what was described by Giorgio Vasari as “the most beautiful, largest and most magnificent floor that was ever made.” During the year, the floor is covered by sheets in order to preserve and maintain what is considered as much of a masterpiece as the sculptures […]

The Vasari Corridor in Florence and the Uffizi tour

The Uffizi Gallery, along with the Vatican Museums in Rome, is the most visited museum in Italy by visitors from all across the world. Book your ticket to the combination Uffizi + Vasari Corridor Tour through Italy Travels, and you will completely skip the lines and be granted direct access to the museum and Corridor! […]