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Medici Chapels Reservations

Located right next to the San Lorenzo Church, the Sagrestia Nuova and the Capella dei Principi  are very important in the history of the Medici family. The Sagrestia Nuova, was constructed in order to house the tombs of the Medici family, as wished by the first Medici Pope, Leon X, in 1521. Medici Chapels Reservations is your modern key to this heritage site.

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Medici Chapels Reservations is the best option for this museum. The project was assigned to Michelangelo who also had the opportunity to demonstrate his artistry in the magnificent sculptures of the Medici's tombs. The Chapel of Princes, planned in the beginning of the 1600's also was designed as a mortuary chapel. With its baroque style, it houses several tombs of the royal family, but it was never finished because of the family's loss of power in 1737.  Michelangelo was a protagonist also for this place of Florence, which you can see with the Medici Chapels Reservation. Pope Leon X commissioned him the work of the Sagrestia Nuova. Michelangelo proved also in this occasion to be an artist and changed the old plant that the Sagrestia had by a drawings of the Brunelleschi.

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The Medici Chapels Reservations allows you a no line entrance in this famous place. The history of the Medici family is everywhere in Florence, the story of this family is related to every corner of the ancient city centre. From Palazzo Pitti, their rich residence to Palazzo della Signoria, where they worked, their life is visible everywhere. Their death could not be of less value: the great building of the Medici Chapels is visible from every part of the city. The mystery that this place evokes lasts still today: the rests of the Medici are in fact object of study and exams as the life of this family is not totally clear yet. This is a place you cannot miss: with the Medici Chapels reservations you will discover it. 


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