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 Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens Ticket Reservation

CUMULATIVE TICKET - this ticket allows entrance to the following museums located inside Pitti Palace: Boboli Gardens,Bardini Garden and Porcelain Museum.

The Boboli Gardens

The Boboli gardens are the largest  green area included in the town walls of Florence.
The Medici bought the Pitti Palace in 1549: shortly after their architects started creating  the gardens, on the slope of the hill behind the palace and on the adjacent plots of land, where the Pitti had moscatello vineyards. According to the Renaissance taste, the garden  is a natural space arranged according to geometrical schemes. Trees, meadows and hedges together with fountains, statues and artificial grottoes create a perfect combination of art and nature.

Bardini Garden
The Villa Bardini, home of the famous Florentine antique dealer of the turn of the 19th century Stefano Bardini, has recently been restored together with its garden. The large green area has been brought back to its original beauty and variety: it combines  an English garden to the geometrical  spaces created along the slope of the hill, marked by a monumental stairway. On top of it Bardini created a beautiful terrace, adding to already existing structures a portico with reliefs and other architectural elements from his collections. Here his clients, visiting his show room, could enjoy the spectacular view of Florence you discover from the hill top. 

Boboli Gardens: a living work of art

Tuscany boasts an extraordinary number of villas and gardens. From the 15th century on, gardens were created for palaces or more often villas, in both city and countryside, practically without interruption. This is a region where nature merges with art, the past with the present. A garden calls for great care and attention, maintaining it is frequently expensive. Ancient gardens in particular, those that everyone would like to visit, are hard to keep up and often diffifult to enter. 

grotta madama giardino di boboli  Grotta di Madama, Giardino di Boboli, Firernze

Boboli is known the world over as one of Italy’s most important gardens. So famous that its name alone evokes the idea of a Renaissance garden, Boboli is one of the peak achievements in the Italian art of gardening. The park as we see it today is chiefly the result of two initiatives; first the 16th century garden behind the Pitti Palace was created, then between 1630 and 1631, the cypress avenue designed by Giulio Parigi was planted.


Photogallery Boboli

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Half price ticket: for 18-25 year olds from the European Union.

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All visitors under 18 years old from any country (children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
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The ticket price is composed of the entrance price (depends on the museum and on the ticket category), the pre-reservation (3,00/4,00 €), the booking online fee (2,00/4,00 €). 


Children under 6 years of age enter free. No ticket/reservation needed.

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