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Bypass the crowds and skip Uffizi Gallery lines by booking the tour ahead on a guided walking tour through the Uffizi Gallery. Admire Botticelli's Renaissance inspired works including The Birth of Venus and Primavera. The Uffizi Museum has 45 rooms filled with masterpieces not just from Italy but Germany, Spain and even Holland.

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Some of its most prominent pieces include Adoration of the Magi, Primavera, and The Birth of Venus. Skip Uffizi Gallery lines, then the visitor may also think to book a tour for the famous Vasari Corridor. It linked Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi to the Pitti Palace on the other side of the Arno it was commissioned in 1565 by Cosimo I to celebrate the marriage of his son Francesco to Joanna of Austria and was completed in only 6 months. 

The private corridor enabled the Medici to move freely between the seat of government and their private residence without having an escort and without walking among the commoners on the street. The Vasari Corridor is usually closed to public and visitors need a special reservation to get inside it.
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Skip Uffizi gallery lines: Uffizi Museum is not only one of the most important museums in Florence but in Italy and in the entire world. A vacation in Florence is not complete without a visit of the Uffizi. The history of the Uffizi tells the story of Florence and of the most important family that lived and governed in this city: the Medici family. When the building of the Uffizi was decided the hegemony of the Medici family had its peak. The museum was wanted by Cosimo de’ Medici and originally it had to be the place for the offices of the administrators of Florence. The todays name Uffizi comes from the function that it had to have. Skip Uffizi gallery lines and enjoy this wonder. 



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