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Discover the mysterious message “seek and you shall find” and Dante’s death mask
Moves around Dante’s house and get into the Baptistery
24h ticket to get into the Duomo and climb Giotto’s tower and the dome and visit the Opera del Duomo museum.

The tour follows the path of Robert Langdon  in Florence, as read in the latest novel by Dan Brown: Inferno. You will travel through the hectic escape of Robert Langdon in the most beautiful and mysterious  monuments of the town, with a professional tour guide.
The tour starts in Palazzo Vecchio, built in  1299 to be the base for the Republic of Florence, and then restored by Vasari for the Grand Duke Cosimo de’Medici, with the magnificent salone dei 500: here are the huge frescos by Vasari, with the mysterious message “cerca trova” (seek and you shall find); but also statues representing the most important members of the Medici family and a beautiful statue by Michelangelo. You will then visit the private apartments of the Grand Duchesse Eleonora, and will see the death mask of Dante Alighieri, to end the visit in the room of the maps,where lies the secret passage used by Langdon to escape from the palazzo.

Once out of Palazzo Vecchio, you'll walk in the same streets as Langdon, noticing the bell tower from where Mr Zobrist suicides to start the book, but also the place where Leonardo da Vinci lived when he painted the Mona Lisa. The tour moves on to see the home of Dante Alighieri and his church, until suddenly you get out of the medieval streets and get overwhelmed by the huge Duomo and his cupola.
The tour will move to the Baptistery, to see the plaque related to the "black death" and the shining gates of paradise, one of the masterpieces of the renaissance, before entering to see the gorgeous mosaic on the ceiling, and all the other works of art inside.
After the tour ends, and for the next 24 hours, you ticket will grant you access for climbing up on top of the cupola and the campanile, where you will enjoy an unbelievable view of Florence, and for visiting the Opera del Duomo Museum and the remains of the ancient cathedral.

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The price is only a little over the single entrance ticket. The tour is run from 1 participant onwards.


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Italy Travels tour guides staff is represented by licensed guides of great experience and high level of professionalism, competence and excellence on their job. All Italy Travels guides are authorized by the provincial administration of Florence and most of them are art historians and teachers in art subjects.

All regular tours organized by Italy Travels always include pre-reserved museum tickets when museum tours are included in the tour itinerary. In this way visitors avoid waisting time waiting in line in front of museums ticket offices.

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