March, 2013

Uffizi Gallery will be home to “Norma e Capriccio”

This year through out Florence, many well-known museums will be home to a series of exhibitions called “Florence 2013: A Year in Art.” This program includes eight temporary exhibits that will increase the rich cultural offerings of this beautiful city, beginning in the spring of 2013 and running throught he end of the year. The […]

Get an exclusive look at the Doge’s Palace with the Secret Itineraries Tour

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Doge’s Palace was the heart of the political life and public administration of the Venice. Over a period of political turn-overs, the area was occupied by various administrative offices and the palace housed many important cultural institutions. Today, it is managed as a public museum where you can revisit […]

Experience the essence of Renaissance art with Botticelli at the Uffizi Gallery

Undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery was established by the Medici family in 1581. The gallery was originally the offices for the high-ranking magistrates, how ever the Medici art collection was rapidly growing and the space was instead used as a space to house the many priceless masterpieces. The […]

Hidden secrets of the Colosseum unlocked by group tours

Walking around the Colosseum is a breathtaking experience and one of the best things to do while visiting Rome. The ancient Roman amphitheather draws in millions of visitors a year and creates a historical trip back in time through the ability to completely interact with the structure and its well-preserved elements. A view from the […]

Colosseo aperto il giorno di Pasqua!

Cogliete l’occasione delle vacanze di Pasqua per visitare Roma? La Capitale regalerà, come ogni anno, tante novità per intrattenere i suoi visitatori, ma di sicuro non potete perdervi una tappa tradizionale ma sempre di grande fascino: la visita del Colosseo. Infatti, l’Anfiteatro Flavio è straordinariamente aperto sia il 31 marzo 2013, giorno di Pasqua,  sia il 1 […]

Nel 2013 apre il “Cielo” su Siena: tour culturali speciali

Siena, nonostante sia una piccola provincia della Toscana, attrae milioni di turisti da ogni parte del mondo non solo per il Palio ma anche gli splendidi monumenti e musei di cui è costellata. Sicuramente il più visitato è il Duomo, situato nell’omonima piazza, nel centro storico della città. L’edificio è stato recentemente sotto i riflettori […]

Completely customize your Vatican experience

With almost 9 miles of artwork to see in the Vatican Museums, make sure to set aside an afternoon to spend time admiring Leonardo da Vinci’s portraits, Michelangelo’s frescos, and Raphael’s masterpieces. There are many ways to organize your visit – some travelers prefer to wander through the hallways themselves, and others prefer tours led […]

Habemus Papam – Cardinals elect Pope Francis

White smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on March 13th, signifying to the world that the cardinals of the Catholic Church had selected a new Pope. Over 150,000 spectators eagerly watched as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, taking the name Pope Francis, stepped onto the balcony of the Vatican to address the crowd.  Habemus […]

Habemus Papam: Bergoglio eletto con il nome di Papa Francesco

Dal 13 marzo 2013 habemus papam, ed è Jorge Mario Bergoglio, che ha scelto il nome Francesco. Papa Francesco ha 76 anni, è il 266° pontefice della storia. È il primo a scegliere il nome Francesco, il primo papa gesuita (l’ordine gesuita fu fondato nel 1534 da Ignazio da Loyola) ed il primo non europeo, per […]