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Musei Vaticani e Cappella Sistina senza fare la coda

Finalmente è possibile visitare i Musei Vaticani e la Cappella Sistina senza fare la coda! La tappa ai Musei Vaticani è d’obbligo per chi ha intenzione di trascorrere qualche ora/giorno a Roma e oggi,  grazie ad Italy Travels diventa tutto … Continue reading >>

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The Vasari Corridor in Florence

This fantastic architectural project connects the palazzo vecchio to Palazzo Pitti and was built in 1565 in just five months for the marriage of Cosimo’s son, Francesco, to joan of Austria. The longo corridor crosses the Arno river over the … Continue reading >>

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Visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence – Botticelli

The paintings by Botticelli are displayed in rooms 10-14. They represent the height of the Uffizi collections. The large profane allegories painted for the Medici, with advice from the poet Poliziano, are the symbol of humanistic culture in the 15th … Continue reading >>

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The Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Among the major museums in the world, the Gallery of the Uffizi is one of the oldest. The building was projected by Giorgio Vasari and commissioned by CosiMo I de Medici. The palace became the seat of the magisterial and … Continue reading >>

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Ponte Vecchio, The Old Bridge in Florence

The name “Ponte Vecchio“, which means the “old bridge” derives from the fact that the bridge is the oldest in the city. Moreover, this bridge is the only one not destroyed by the German mines in World War II. The … Continue reading >>

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Uffizi Gallery Tickets

Skip the line at the Uffizi museum with a pre-booked ticket! BOOK NOW By Tickets Florence service you can comfortably buy your ticket in advance before leaving home and enjoy your visit inside the museum without queueing up! The Uffizi … Continue reading >>

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Vasari, the Uffizi and the Duke

NEW EXHIBITION AT THE UFFIZI GALLERY IN FLORENCE This temporary exhibition can be visited at the Uffizi Gallery from june 12 to September 27. The exhibition has been planned to celebrate five hundred years on from the birth of Giorgio … Continue reading >>

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Evening Openings at the Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery has planned some extraordinary, evening openings in occasion of the temporary exhibiton on Vasari, entitled “Vasari, gli Uffizi e il Duca“. The exhibition is available from 5th July to 27th September and can be visited buying an … Continue reading >>

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Virtual Identities – Palazzo Strozzi Florence

This original, temporary  exhibition is on show at Strozzina, Florence, the Center for Contemporary Culture of Florence, in Palazzo Strozzi, from May 20 to July 17.    Virtual identities are the field of reflection of the international artists. Always being available … Continue reading >>

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Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery is certainly the most popular museum in Florence and one of the most outstanding painting gallery in the world. Actually the Uffizi Gallery houses the largest Renaissance collection of paintings displayed in chronological order. From Cimabue, the … Continue reading >>

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